Come Get Your Honey (extended version)
Project info

I am an artist living in Berlin, a first-generation immigrant. A grandchild of a segregated minority from Turkey, an agnostic, a queer. Belonging to a community and feeling at home have been big question marks in my life. How can I possibly express my urge to be understood?

I ended up connecting with gender-nonconforming, queer, transgender refugees and asylum seekers in Berlin a few years ago. I respect people whose identities are so intricate and layered that resilience and beauty become invisible.

With that deep respect, I ask, "what if photography is more listening than seeing?" My approach is about looking at each other at eye level. It is about embracing and appreciating the differences while connecting on similarities, striving to depict people in their wholeness while being aware of the limitations of representation. The images reflect my relationships and my impression of their stories. Thus, it is very subjective, after all.