I had a dream and I talked with a tree
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I haven't taken my camera in my hand for three weeks - the only thing I do at the moment is meditating and reading.
But then, suddenly without wanting I found myself walking in a forest.
I started talking to a tree.
He is great and magnificent, his branches reach the sky.

He tells me that he was waiting for me and pushes me to look for my house. Where is my home? - I said - Why do I have to look for my house? ... and without saying anything I started walking up and down into the forest. But what I could see were only trees and leaves and paths and insects. I could barely see the sky. The forest was dense and the sun was hidden, there was no shadow of a house.
What it is talking about? I thought.
So I stopped and asked another tree if I could climb up on it and stand up there somewhere on a branch and relax a bit because I was tired.
No problem ... - he said to me.
I get on top of him. He looks at me. I finnd my branch and I sat down.
Suddenly I see a city.
It's far. There are people walking back and forth. I could see large buildings, store floors and many cars that run confused and black clouds ...
That city disturbs me. I wish I have an eraser to erase it. But finally now the sun is shining in my face. And I feel something good.

.... but then I turn around, look at the tree and say - "Do you know why I have this body?"