Balo 31
Project info

Balo 31 is documentary serie, which basically focuses on nightlife in Beyoglu, which is an old town in Istanbul, composed of diverse people. The reason for the attractiveness of Beyoğlu’s nightlife is, availability of different kinds of entertainment places for anyone’s taste.

In order to express this variety, a five-storey building had been selected in Beyoglu, Balo Street, which is one of the most active streets that connects two main roads of Beyoğlu, Istiklal and Tarlabaşı Roads.

In this building, which has only a number as 31, different styles of entertainment places are located. Basement is an electronic club which is open till 6 am. First floor is the oldest rock bar in town. A gay night club has been located on second floor. Third is another gay cafe. The top floor is a pub for expats, erasmus and collage students.

Life in this building is the entity and nature of Beyoglu.