Post Natural History
Project info

The Post Natural History is a collection of "upcoming living species " and presented in the form of encyclopaedic boards. 
My intention is to reinterpret this idea of the cabinet of curiosity but by being valid a journey in the time rather than in the space. As during the period of the Renaissance where we returned strange creatures of distant and unknown countries, my images show species newcomers of future. A future imagined from the current researches on the synthetic biology. Species which I create were reprogrammed by the Man for his own needs and also so that they can adapt themselves to the biological changes of the planet.  

These creatures are thus at the same time familiar and strange: we re-know a cat, a lizard, a poppy, a dragonfly but by looking closer we realize certain differences. The Ibis has legs in metal to resist extreme temperatures. The dragonfly possesses a transparent glass belly in which a luminescent sensor measures the rate of pollution. The Rhino beetle is provided with a GPS (Global Positioning System) integrated into its metallic antenna...  Engraved on a plate in brass, these explanations "scientists" accompany every image, exactly as on a didactic board.