About Vincent Fournier

Born in Ouagadougou (Burkina Fasso) in 1970, Vincent Fournier has kept from his childhood the taste to explore uncommon and mysterious worlds, places where everything might be possible, imagined or recreated. His work is inspired by the combination of different forms of utopia and scientific researches. The photographs play with reality and perception, the true and the false, the living and the artificial.
“Observing the stars, traveling into space, creating and reprogramming the living, mind-reading... are as much a collective desire as a childhood dream. It is the imaginary and fantasy side of science that I am interested in, its fictional and extraordinary potential to generate a collective psyche. I try to rise bubbles of souvenirs that carry at the same time both my own experience and universal memories. My photographs combine a naive and poetic vision with fundamental questions about the world around us. I see science as magic: a link between the visible and the invisible world.”

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