The Saffron of Pietro Perugino
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The name of the "Consorzio Il Croco di Pietro Perugino Zafferano di Città della Pieve Alberto Viganò" (Association of the Saffron Crocus of Pietro Perugino of Città della Pieve "Alberto Viganò") is derived from the nickname of the early renaissance painter 'Perugino', who lived in the town, and the agronomist who reintroduced saffron cultivation to its historical home in this part of Umbria.

The Città della Pieve association members grow their crocuses in the rolling hills around Lake Trasimeno, celebrating the annual harvest each October with the Zafferiamo festival in the town.

This series shows activities from the 2015 harvest from the farm of Alessandro Mazzuoli, President of the 'Consorzio'.