Partition Revisioned
Project info

In this series "Partition Revisioned" the inclusion of reflection is deliberate and vital. Thus the resulting images are not arbitrary and accidental but illustrate a careful, intentional choosing of camera angle, framing, color and composition to work with the muliple levels presented in the photos to deepen the story of the image. Individually and collectively.

By capturing a point of view that is precise, the photographs reflect a place that exists on these multiple levels. It is my intention that the juxtaposition and collision of these planes plays with transparency and opaqueness, the real and the surreal, causing a shift in perspective. Like in a dream or in a memory, our mind and experience know the real from the reflected elements but our deeper mind is challenged to find the freedom to explore this new context and find a new story with the elements of the photo. They work as, and become, new icons.

The loss and a regaining of perspective that occurs with these images is meant to invite that curiosity and shifting perspective - ambiguous and exact, ephemeral and eternal. The resulting collide may create tension and unbalance, calm and serenity, discomfort and anxiety as we slip from observer to observed, from voyeur to subject-- again, as in memory or dream.

Partition is a street in Saugerties, NY where these images were produced. They are presented full frame (no crop), without modification (no Photoshop) in an attempt to re-vision decay and beauty in a new way to non-traditionally observe a place.