O N E _ W A Y
Project info

Unique pictures of Pat Morgan Dujat, created in the mid-seventies, during a journey of over 6500 km between New York and San Francisco, taking the legendary Route 66, some years after the Flower Power's summer.
This " vintage " serie of over a hundred panoramic shots, first of its kind at the time, is an example of "road movie - photo", so to say a photograph of wandering.
At that time, photographic themes of Pat Morgan Dujat were influenced by the 60 " & 70 " cinema, the hyper
realistic painting , the pop art, and the beat generation.
_ references to Kerouac " On the Road" , to Dennis
Hopper " Easy Ridder", to the esthetic of Edward Hopper paints

" ONE_ WAY " invites us to reflect on the forms in space, capturing of a moment, a time sequence. Time seems suspended in his photos. And yet there is always something moving. Is it the result from your thought .. or is it the choice of the photographer?

Pat Morgan Dujat has set up in his photographic style a fine black and white quality , with hyper large frames angle, simple and precise, a strange light like "atmospheric" .. with lot of shades of gray and also strong contrasts, or then the twilight light, on the beaches of San Francisco.
Rare photographs, with strong aesthetic, which somewhere announce the remarkable images of the film Paris Texas, directed by Wim Wenders in 1983.