Yam Ha Melah
Project info

The Dead Sea, known in Hebrew as 'Yam Ha Melah', is a salt lake marking the lowest point on earth, located between Israel, Palestine and Jordan. Referred to in the bible as a place of purification and cleansing, it is one of the oldest natural health resorts in human history. Today, the unique healing characteristics of its mineral-rich air and water render the Dead Sea region one of Israel’s key tourism destinations. Many of its visitors are looking to receive health or beauty treatments or relaxation in all-inclusive holiday resorts.
However, far from the areas where five-star hotels scrape the sky and healing experience is purchased in sachets of Dead Sea mud or treatment rooms, I found a different world, an alternative reality. In a unique desert landscape I encountered people bathing in sweet water springs, covered in Dead Sea mud, running around naked, being in unity with nature. The vibe of this place draws people of all ages and backgrounds to soak in the Dead Sea’s invigorating energy on a metaphysical level. Living in tents or self-built accommodations they are escaping the materialist needs of modern society to experience a sense of freedom and peace of mind. While some of them are staying for a couple of hours or days, others decide to reside for months or even years to live for the moment.

This project is a celebration of this special sense of life I discovered during the 40 days that I lived in the desert at the Dead Sea – a sense of freedom, joy and spirituality allowing you to be yourself. By intermingling shots of landscapes and people I intend to merge the spiritual experience with the unique natural environment, the metaphysical with the physical.