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“And that night I realized that the camera is more than capturing the present moment- the camera is a weapon”
This is a lifestyle where you can’t run, you can’t say no because you get a reputation and you can’t afford that in the hood.
Meeko here never had an ideal environment to be an artist but he still did it.

Now, Meeko is a professional actor. He is part of The Tank'' Theater, he is known for “The Monster” , “ Night Rapper”, “ Gimme the Loot”, Queen of Glory and my personal favorite “Euphoria” where he’s playing a very intimidating drug Lord from the suburbs. I asked him that night how much of himself can be found in that character. He quickly answered looking to the ground “ That man is nothing like me. “
I was quiet for a second because I realized how much of his soul was put in that character, that it was so successful because he went very deep and dark in creating Mouse. And that moment was another confirmation to me - this man is a true artist and I’m not the only one who sees that.
To conclude, this is what I mean- if you really want something, with your whole body, soul, and spirit - you will do it. He is my example of perseverance and determination. I think every day is a New day to redefine ourselves, to be better, and my night in the Bronx was just a beginning for me as an artist and I’ll always be thankful to Meeko for that night. A Bronx night.