Project info

Viile Tecii, Bistrita-Nasaud, Transilvania, Romania
January 2022

I believe that Gypsy/Roman culture has so much reputation amongst the Westerners without having the opportunity to prove what is valuable for them, the beauty of the culture, what some elements mean and finally break the stigma about the “unspoken” traditions they so sacred had for centuries. România has never had a good impressions about gypsies. As an example, when I started developing this idea my own father tried to stop me. Telling me that I should not surround myself with Gypsies because I might be associated with them too much by his friend or friend of family, that I might make people have a bad opinion about me. Every moment anyone tries to convince me that I shouldn’t do this photo series I feel like doing it more and more. I want to represent them as purely and honest possible. Show “the light in the dark” and, not change people’s ideas about this culture, but making a series of images that will intrigue them, attract them in a way they will understand someday. Maybe. Maybe not. As long as people will take some time to look for details and have a thought behind while analyzing the photos - I will feel accomplished enough to smile.
The process is the most important part for me as an artist. I will try my absolute beat to make an experience for me and for my subjects.

It is my responsibility to represent this community of people since it is a part of my background, of my country, of who I am and my people Are.

I believe I’m the best person to tell this story because I have developed a certain trust with this group of people, trust that I will always respect and value and I will use the medium of photography to tell their story. Spread an important message about a community that is neglected by its own country - Romania - and has too many invented myths by other countries and continents.