Serial Narratives
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'Made in China' is a term that has almost come to define a generation. This term, which to most has come to represent a plentiful supply of cheap and easy goods, has very different connotations to those on the other side of the globe.

Serial Narratives follows the forgotten trajectories of supply chains in an attempt to uncover the multiple extraordinary narratives embodied in the everyday objects that surround us, whether we think about their creation or not.

Behind the scenes, the epic scale of this operation dwarfs those involved in it, the individual becomes consumed by the unstoppable time of economic progress. A non-stop supply chain of production. From mines in the mountains of Inner Mongolia, to logistics hubs, rare-earth mineral refineries, factories, ports, to huge ships which navigate the globe on a monthly basis, this is a finely tuned choreography whose majesty is shrouded from the public eye.

Whilst to many the understanding of an object is simply in its purchase and use, when sold thousands of times across the globe, our purchasing habits begin to acquire an entirely new set of meanings altogether.