Ladyscapes | Sounds of Silence
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Humans are wearing chains as gifts.
Is it only possible to be deprived from any chains ?
What are tattoos ?
What are things and drawings we're wearing on, in our skins ?

What if the gift of all gifts was only... a synonymous : present.
Isn't time, the gift of all gifts ? And isn't time a synonymous for... life ?

Freedom would be the word summing up this series. A quest(ion) towards freedom : an attempt, to grab or tame... her (in french freedom is feminine).
Can freedom be more than that ? More than a quest or an attempt ?


There are places, times, and states, that can’t be said.
This is probably what lead me to write less, and to photograph more.
Abstraction is sometimes a rest. The only possible rest. Something like poetry.

I guess we could describe a landscape in many ways. Amongst them would probably be the horizon.
Sometimes I feel like life is a geographical space between love (Eros) and death (Thanatos).
Sometimes I feel like love is a geographical space between life and death.

All I wish, sometimes, is that humans were capable of always acting, not according to their fears, but according to their dreams.
It's an intimate wish. A political wish, too.

I see this series as a eulogy of desire.
Freud teaches us that we want what we can't have.
There's a dynamic of desire. We accept it, we tame it, we let it go, or we don't.

Etymology and Antique Greece teach us that "Philosophia" (philein-sophia) is a love for wisdom - a wisdom we can't have, but we may tend to, everyday. By loving it.

I see no possible love, without a primary love : the love of skin.
The skin of the other, and the skin of our self.
"I love myself I love you" says a song by Jeanne Added.

What is the first horizon, if not : now, here ? NowHere ? A present time that we're experimenting as alive beings... in a body... that I wish everyone could love.

That's why I should probably have called this series "You and Me"...