Play #2 | Show(h)er
Project info

Play #2 is a series of portraits and body parts, simply playing with drops and blur, through a glass.


The blur is accidental. The blur is unclear. The blur is foggy. It’s like a memory, or a dream : a form, an impression, a draft maybe.

The glass is like a screen. Something in between. The glass is a distance. Between the conscious and the unconscious ? The one and the other ? The past and the future ?

Drops are on the move. Sliding. Stopped or detented for a while on the glass, by the glass. Drops have to be hold to become and remain drops, drops are another shield between my lens and the face in front of me.

I guess I wanted to talk about love through a melancholic frame. Desire through a baffle-board. Future through uncertainty. Memories through a fuzzy flow.


Unclear portraits of women through secretive faces, but with no masks. Unclear visages and moving body parts. Is everything always incomplete and partial ?

Unclear portraits of women through secretive faces, but with no masks. Unclear visages and moving body parts. Unclear pieces of skin, water and clothes. This is what « Play #2 » present. Through a very ordinary decor : a shower. A daily frame.
In that place, we expect people to be naked. I photographed dressed-up women under water and air. A way to turn the shower into a stage. A way to « play » - clearly. To indicate that I was not photographing reality, but only an interpretation of reality.


Contemporary philosophy, and in particular phenomenology, teaches us that everything we see is only a part of it. Our brains are able to actually see a cube while in fact, we can never see every side of it at the same time.

I see these fragments of faces and bodies as a part of a whole that is always in our minds. I believe the unseen is more important than what we see. Isn’t a dream always unseen ? But can’t reality embody that same dream ?

All I can try to do is to raise the question...


1. Drops / Jungle
2. Ô / Darius & FKJ
3. Will There be enough water ? / The Dead Weather
4. Too Dry to cry / Willis Earl Beal
5. We Float / PJ Harvey
6. Lifeforms / Daughter
7. We might be dead by tomorrow / Soko
8. Crazy / Ray Lamontagne
9. Follow the leader / Matthew Ryan
10. Happy Together / Spin
11. Gravity / The Dresden Dolls
12. Drop / Ludovico Einaudi
13. Private Parts / Demi-Mondaine
14. No Scrubs / Scout Niblett
15. Shower / Camille