Salton Waltz | California
Project info

"Salton Waltz" is a series dedicated to the Salton Sea. It was shot in the Californian desert in 2014, between Bombay Beach and Salton Sea Beach. A natural accident multiplied by the human intervention created this incredible zone called the Salton Sea : a sea that is way too salty to keep its creatures alive. The salt turned a whole zone into a cemetery. But as chaotic and desperate as they are, Salton landscapes are still amazingly beautiful. An encounter of eros and thanatos ? Maybe. Poindexter used to say that chaos is what happens when an angel falls in love with a demon…

Wandering around feels like being a witness of this love-story. A story between life and death, nature and men, water and bones. Nature being both responsible for life and death, and humans being both responsible for life and death.

The series is called "Salton Waltz" in echo to Emily Jane White's song, "Requiem Waltz". A song celebrating life, after death. A song about love, told from the abyss. If a requiem is a music that we identify with death, it is still, also, a sign of life. Isn't music always the sign that life remains ? What remains alive was what I wanted to show. The light. The birds. The salt... of life.

Today a part of this zone is under construction. I am looking forward to go back to California, and continue that visual story.