Play #1 | PLAY
Project info

PLAY #1 is about desire.

I see it as an elegy of the present.
Present is a word I particularly love : in English as in French, it both means time and gift. Which is indeed the same. Would "alive" be a good synonymous to make myself understood ?

I wanted the series to both sound like a fairy-tale and everyday life.
A fairy tale is always beautiful and disturbing in my eyes. It's an ordinary story with a bit of magic. Just like everyday women's life. Just as desire, love, intimacy.

There's no possible intimacy without freedom. And I believe there's no possible freedom without the impulse of playing.
I believe we can lose this impulse by "growing up". I believe there's no dangers in bodies, except this possibility of "losing it" - the impulse, the desire, the... mind.
As... if humans do have a soul, it is in their bodies for now don't you think ?

"Play" is here both an allusion to theater (la "mise en scène") and an order : "please, play, and keep playing", is my little secret utopia, the one I'd love to whisper to the entire world.
So I tried to create a dreamy series. As I do believe there's no freedom without a huge imaginary world.

I started the series in 2012, without thinking : I just felt like playing, and jumped all dressed in a bathtub with my camera.
Finding again an unspeakable pleasure in this childhood feeling of "playing", I then kept shooting body parts playing with water reflections, with models, since 2013.
It's my very first personal series.
I started it when I started photography : at a time when I couldn't write anymore.
It embodies my very personal relationship to images and words, and two different relationships to present. Present as a gift, and present as time.