An Migrant's Tale
Project info

A Migrant’s Tale is a collection of narrative explorations of home and nostalgia, told through the language of food. The body of work represents a collaborative reworking process of the migrant’s tale, which explores the relationship of the narrator and the interpreter and the use of photography, in creating a visual retelling of the migrants story. All tales are visually translated with consideration and transcribed from the migrant’s own words.

The work challenges the concept of home being created through multiple grounding’s of fixed geographical points by exploring the notion of home as an amalgamation of rituals performed through routine practices of the every day; practices through which one is able to perform a cognitive migration, travelling to and from an internal home carried within.

Aided by the memory’s ability to archive interrelated images and the need for the generational retelling of tales of ancestry, the stories we tell ultimately live on through our daily practice and celebration of the food we choose to cook.