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DelAgua is working in Rwanda on a 20-year programme to distribute water filters and fuel-efficient cooking stoves across the country. It has given away more than 300,000 so far, and expects to reach 2.5 million people by the summer of 2015.
The poorest 30 per cent of the population will get them free, with the remainder able to buy them at a subsidised rate. The cookers and filters will also be distributed to local traders, who will be able to buy with microfinance loans to sell on at a profit.
DelAgua wants to develop a retail distribution network so that it can look to other useful products, such as solar lighting and soap. It is also able to claim carbon credits through monitoring the use of their products, which it sells to fund the project.
Rwanda is still recovering from the Ethnic strife and massacres of the mid-1990's, with two thirds of the population living below the poverty line.