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Svetlana Trubnikova is 47 years old. 4 years ago her legs were amputated and she has almost lost her eyesight. After the surgery she had started living at her daughter's house but it was too small so she decided to return into her own place. Her son, Igor, at the age of 11 became the one who took care of her. Their relatives, friends and local government help this family but boy that is 15 years old now does the most part of the duties. They live in a village Vorobievka (Voronezh region, Russia).
Their life becomes better after this story appeared in the media in 2014. Elena Rostropovich charity foundation paid for Svetlana's rehabilitation in Germany clinic. Unknown benefactor bought an appartment with all amenities for them in the city not far from their home. Now Svetlana is waiting for the transplantation of cornea and she hopes that one day she will be able to see how her son looks now.