Burying the past, present hopes.
Project info

This is a personal story in which I try to reencounter myself for myself. It has been a difficult year for me (2015). I had lots of family problems, difficult economic times and to make things worse my wife, Martha, went abroad -Buenos Aires, Argentina- to continue her studies of medicine in April. Martha is oblivious to all my problems, because given her condition of being a student I decided not to stress her with them. I decided, so she did not spend her Christmas alone –she could not go home due to her class schedule- and to look for an outlet to my frustration to visit her in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In the past it has worked that I could rearrange the broken pieces of myself thru photography, but it had not work this time: new problems of work or family keep popping up like tidal waves from an angry sea in the Caribbean island that I live, Dominican Republic. Tired, spent, I brought a plane ticket on credit, gather photo-gear and jumped in a plane heading south. I found a country also in the process of change with a new government and a new agenda, as myself with hope and fears for the future. Guess we both have a lot at a stake. This images are my document of this week from December 13 to 20, in which I try to manifest what I feel/see as change here (I was here a couple of years ago), and my encounter with Martha. But, more it is trying to use photography as a self-healing and discovery tool.