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Thanks to photography, the image of the body is immortalized in a T time. The body becomes a prisoner, but frees up the subjective envelope, because it is put at a distance. In this self-portraits sequence I'm just a corporeal matter. Image and body merge in an almost monochromatic fusion and make this a plastic reflection. The skin defines our physical existence; the framework defines our existence as image. The silhouette of a person is therefore a demarcation defining the physical configuration and marks the boundary between the body and the outside. We exist as well as the world around us, and our body is affected by it. Our body limits also change throughout life, the environment we live gets new contours... Finally, we have to adapt somehow to the proposed spaces, to society, to changing lifestyles. We all live the fact of being framed (literally and figuratively) differently. Here I try to confront these limits using photography as a metaphor.