Project info

ONE DAY OF THE LAST HUMAN HORSE is part of a bigger project on work of drudgery and prostitution that I shot in Kolkata in India but that can be extended to other situations like the Coltan digger in Republic of Congo or the gold digger in South America, the amphetamines producer between Laos, Myanmar and Thailand, just as a few examples.
I focused my camera to the drudgery of jobs requiring terrific efforts compared to the extremely poor earn, they are out of any control of human rights and on borderline of slavery.
Millions of people are involved in wicked work conditions despite U.N. rules and the prosperity of a minority of the world population.
The project is going on.

Some data about the life of a “Human Horse”, the rikshow puller in Calcutta

15 clients a day
3 km each way
an average of 45 km a day per 270 days equal to12.150 km per year
35 working years, 425.250 km. in a life equal to ten times around the world

81.000 rupee per year, approx 1.528 Euro

150 € bed hire yearly = 30 rupee a day
100 € rikshow hire yearly = 20 rupee daily
150 € food yearly = 30 rupee daily
Total 400 € cost per year

1.128 € yearly = 3 € to sustain a kin of 5