Project info

ZOOXANTEL is an ongoing series of pictures. The word comes from zooxanthellae, which are single cell algae-like organisms that live in symbiosis with the polyps of a coral. They convert light to energy and they give coral its coloration. The conversion of light to energy is what we know as photosynthesis.
When under severe stress, a coral expels its zooxanthellae. As a result, the coral bleaches and possibly it can mean the end of the entire coral colony. Sediments, harmful chemicals and high water temperatures are but a few causes of stress for coral.

Since it all began, billions and billions of these wee single cell organisms have been doing what they do best in that enormous body of water that covers our planet. The mere idea of it thrills me to pieces.
I can't capture the actual process of photosynthesis, but I can show the result.
I show it because it is beautiful.
I show it because it eases the mind in this tumultuous world.
I show it because it is important to show.

From the 1st of April 2016 until the 24th of April 2016, ZOOXANTEL will be on show in gallery Arts&Parts in Gent, Belgium.
In August, ZOOXANTEL moves to gallery Tussenin in Ostend, Belgium.