Talking to MySelf :: 366 / Peeling Onions and Scraping Wallpaper
Project info

I am working a '366 Project', a daily self-portrait. This is year 2.
I am an Onion; layers upon layers of information, experience, memories and lies. Bitter to the senses,
I am Wallpaper; covered in monotonous pattern, soiled and stained by snow and rain.
I am peeling onions and scraping wallpaper.
This work is my return to metaphor.
This work is a conversation of self-(re)-discovery. Finding my lost love of expressive drawing, blending images and colors as a painter or illustrator might, and finally developing a visual language to tell the stories that want to be told.

I make self-portraits for all of the ubiquitous and psychological reasons that humans have rendered their own image for centuries. I can still hear each photo professor from undergrad asking, probing, trying to get me to say exactly why I use myself as a model. And I can hear myself answering in every way but the most obvious--because I'm trying to figure out who I am and who I want to be when I grow up.