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ÂMAGO n. Botany: Located inside the trunk of a tree.
Figurative: The most private and intimate part of an individual; essence or soul.
Benoît Fournier
I started this work while participating in indigenous rituals in Brazil, which make use of plants and other elements of the nature. The series resounds with these experiences and is born of experimentation, of immersion and authentic feelings.
One of the most powerful ways of working with sacred plants is through medicine ceremonies ceremony conducted by a shaman. A medicine ceremony is a spiritual ceremony during which a power plant or healer plant is being imbibed or smoked. The ultimate purpose of the medicine ceremony is to go back to Oneness. Healing obtained in medicine ceremonies happens through restoration of our connection to God/Goddess/All-that-is, through removal of blocks to Oneness, and of entities and limiting beliefs.
This is a difficult and long process.