Project info

Trans-utopia is a piece of visual storytelling told through embedding myself in the life of a gender dysphoric male who is in a full sex change transition. I show ways in which her life was affected before she fully understood her condition, transvestiscism as a child and through her teenage years. It is an in-depth look at Sophie’s life and what she feels from her point of view. How she used to feel she was doing wrong or wasn’t normal, a sexual Aberration.

This is a story of the gravitas of one person’s decision and why she came to making such a massive decision only recently after her parents died, because of the shame she felt at her parents knowing. She felt like her parents would reject her if she changed her sex to female. Sophie would of liked to have been open with her parents and friends but felt like she could not because of their reactions.

It reveals how her struggle to find love, acceptance and perfection in the face of challenge, finding a partner, real friends and someone she could trust was extremely difficult.

I shed light on the probable causes as to if, why and how Sophie felt she had been assigned the wrong gender from birth and what causes this condition, and how her childhood was also affected.

My work reveals anthropomorphic behaviours and tells the story of a persons emotional transference, due to close loss and grief, onto a child’s soft toy.