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Marjan lives in a triangular shaped house on the outskirts of Victoria Park in hackney. A home, that also once functioned as a little shop that she ran with her husband, however after the council put railings outside the front they were forced to close up. Her husband then converted it into a living room, tailoring the furniture to fit the awkwardly wonderful triangular corner. Fortunately an old customer of then offered Marjan a perhaps usual job to work as a process server for his solicitors firm.
She’s made her home in Hackney for over 25 years after migrating from Holland. Her husband sadly passed away last year.

A year after her husbands death I met Marjan in the Park, whilst she was walking her dogs, Blacky and Lucky. I saw a woman with incredible character and style. Both she and her Miniature Schnauzer’s were impeccably well turned out. From my visits, it soon became clear just how much her meticulous taste extended into every aspect of her life. She has four wardrobes in which her clothes are neatly categorised into; one of which is dedicated to her ball gowns, a varied collection was needed for the annual cruises she used to go on with her husband.

I had met a woman who’s not afraid to stand out from the crowd, acting as strong figure for the older generations. There’s a tendency to somewhat disappear into the shadows of society with age, but Marjan is certainly no shrinking violet and I felt it was important to celebrate her irresistible strength of character. She’s unapologetic of her age and asserts her presence in society with such striking vigour.