Project info

Strange was inspired by a dream Stephen remembered from childhood whilst living with his nan on Grangepark, nicknamed Strange by the locals. While working on the project Stephen was also influenced by strong frequent Deja vu and Dreams which focused his eye, helping him compose using screen images. These images present themselves in a Premonistic like manner according to stephens own life events.

Stephens documentary style depicts memorable local events remembered and told by characters also living on Grange park. It was started whilst studying a degree. The narrative includes murders of Stephens childhood friends, the photographs acting as a memorial to the lives lost. The symbology and text includes open secrets from Stephens life told in a once upon a time style, decipherable within the work.

The story’s they tell are enhanced using childhood family snapshots from the subjects themselves. The photograph of Craig holding the Ace of spades whose life was later cut short. The image Titled “Behind the black ball” where a young girl is seemingly interacting with the damaged scratched photographic surface as if sensing fate, a moment in the viewers timeline and Craig’s future creates an uncanny and eerie response.

Strange grew stranger with an unexpected turn of events involving and affecting Stephens personal life. All these events are recorded using screenshots, texts and a diary as evidence, as Stephen became aware of a betrayal. This affected Stephens life badly throughout lockdown.

Strange evolved with this strong narrative of Omens and portents aligning with current societal problems, as found in the victims family snapshots. Stephen contrasts film and digital, past and present. Archival and future. Ghosts of the past haunting the present and lingering on into the future, through these connections in time.

Shaw hope's to ultimately bring this window of reality to a greater audience so they can see truths they would otherwise be blind to.