Project info

Truth is stranger than fiction.

All the photographs in this project document Characters+scenes of memorable local events in Grange park history(nick named strange) where I have lived all my life, including murders, lives lost on the estate with strong symbolic narratives of superstition that speaking through lingering ghosts of past events affecting a future, deja-vu, omens and portents that ultimately aligns to current problems. In time it also birthed a strange cultural + personally significant intimate story reflecting the same.

A hidden world not everyone is exposed to.

Each project contains images informed by memory’s within Dreams, and deja vu, child hood and present. Many photographs are initiated by these feelings in the moment, and their screen images. These were taken this way whilst with sitters alongside his normal work process. Stephens photographic story is ongoing and informs all stephens projects which each contain a dual narrative consisting of research and that personal life experience, which came to light regarding others and society before and throughout lockdown. This experience has all been photographed, diarised and documented daily in journals over the past 6 years.

I would like to exhibit these prints and others where possible within a gallery exhibition including sound interactive images sealed in airtight containers . I would hope to treat them with outside contaminates that would slowly alter the image but not destroy it straight away.

I hope to ultimately bring a window of reality through which the audience can see truths they would otherwise be blind to highlighting how areas of social segregation with decreased social mobility cause deprivation that promote undesirable negative behaviours. These behaviours create a mindset of disassociation which continues a vicious circle of cyclical violence and isolation.