Being Inbetween
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Being Inbetween is an ongoing portrait series of girls aged between ten and twelve, exploring the the fascinating and complex transition between childhood and adulthood. The idea stems from strong memories of this part of my own life; The things people said to me at that point really stuck in my head, generally the throwaway comments, and the little criticisms from teachers, parents or peer group. I found those comments sticking and influencing me for a long time after, and well into adult hood.

At this age, girls are bombarded with advertising and marketing, and it is vital that this marketing doesn't come to define who they are, or who they are to become.

This work and the way it is exhibited is my way of exploring the lives of these girls, giving them power and allowing their voices to be heard. It is celebrating the beauty that is wholly them, one that is sometimes concealed in silence, attitude, embarrassment and self-consciousness.

The subjects of this work are not family and the majority were not previously known to me. As part of the process they are invited to come in the outfit of their choice and for there not to be parental intervention within this choice. It is really important to me that they are comfortable and very much themselves. After the photograph is taken, I interview them with the same set of questions, and record the answers.

Solo Exhibition - with soundscape created with composer Graham Coatman edited from the recorded interviews
29th Jan - 19th March Artlink Hull, Kingston Upon Hull
May Gallery 2, Salts Mill, Saltaire - Yorkshire

Portrait Salon 2015/6

Alice wins Gold Medal for the RPS International Print Competition.
Both Alice and Caitlin's portraits are selected for national RPS - International Print Exhibition Tour - 2016-2017

The growing series has appeared internationally online in
Huffington Post
as well as being highlighted by Malala Fund and UN Women .
Selected works have appeared in
Sunday Times
Yorkshire Post
La Monde
Click Magazine

The work is available for exhibition and comprises of 31 A1 sized pigment prints mounted on to Dibond with batons.
Soundscape is available for installation.

*currently running portrait shoots for girls under-represented in this series.