Mamuthones and Issohadores: Ancient Pagan Carnival in Sardinia
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Mamuthones and Issohadores are 2 very ancient masks still visible during the pagan Carnival held in the small town of Mamoiada (in the mountains of Barbagia, Sardinia, Italy). A very deeply felt rite, this old tradition is part of the ancient history of Mamoiada, of their deeply rooted specific culture and of their almost forgotten origins.
This is the reason why I decided to capture not the final procession (open to the public and well documented) but what happens earlier, in the backstage, during the dressing ceremony... a very private and secluded matter that takes more than 2 hours and is not open to the public. This is where and when you can see what it really means to those who have the honor and the task to put on the mask, the 30kg of iron bells and the goat skins.