Project info

Pigment print on Fine Art paper
mounted on aluminium and framed
various sizes _ ed. 7 + II a.p.

In 2008 I started a new photographic series about blasting and how the explosive has been used for demolition, remediation, pyrotechnics, etc.

All the pictures are taken with a 4x5 camera, so only one shot and good luck!

This work aims at speaking about concepts like “time”, “limit” and “energy”, not only regarding the explosion, but also in the representation of a dissolution, like a metaphor of the destruction of the contemporary world, in front of whom we seem to be only spectators, sometimes indifferent. A sublime spectacle that attracts and repels at the same time; painful, but maybe necessary to rebuild and renew.

I’m much more interested in the context where an event occurs, than in the explosion in itself. In this way, the blast could even seem a fake or a bug inside the picture, between staged and reality.

My target is just to work on this ambiguity.