Itches to Scratch
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Some things are known, while others are not, and in between the two lie the interwoven pathways of perception and conception. With consistently dynamic intricacies amid what is known and unknown, our restricted understanding of the world is variably in fluctuation.

The inexplicable evolves into impulses of inquiry and begins to push beyond the boundaries of unfamiliarity and towards the acquisition of understanding. With an urgency to reveal unknown territories of the self and associations of the human body, the series Itches to Scratch seeks to unfold scenarios that suggest hypnagogic, or surreal, notions of reality. As the photographer, I aim to create vehicles of portrayal and an alternative to what is associated with the “usual.”

My staged images construct a visual dilemma, presenting an unsettling space for the anonymous subjects to negotiate within opaque scenarios and the means to discover their impermanent nature to existence. By doing so, the pictures delineate the edge to an established threshold and seeks to expose feelings of displacement, wonder, and purpose within the ambiguous contexts of life.