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The toll on AP-7, Valencia, Monday, 23rd of July, 2007. Amongst all the vans, Renaults and the old Mercedes with French license plates packed full and on their way to Algeciras, I start noticing another kind of a pilgrim. His trunk, and the entire car for that matter, is about to burst from all the chips, cables, hard drives, plasma screens and gigabytes of information. His pilgrimage is quite different, but not any less religious.

Valencia hosts for the eleventh time one of the most important electronic entertainment events in the world, the Campus Party. During this one long week all the enthusiasts, no matter if they are into astronomy, robotics, or admire digital creation, whether they work as software developers, or are free software fighters or modding artists, gamers or simulation freaks, they are all going to sleep at the same place, eat from the same plates, and connect to each other to form a network of more than 6.000 computers.

Pavilion 1, row 121, seat 52. A plastic chair with a tiny cushion, an Ethernet cable and a power socket is all that I find in my designated area. Actually, that’s all I’ll need during the next few days.

I’m in.

Roc Herms, 2010.