Coup Day in Brazil
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After a long dispute of information between the mainstream media and social networking groups on corruption in President Dilma government, even without any crime proof, as required by the Brazilian Constitution, the deputies decided to open a process of impeachment against President of Brazil.

The day chosen for the vote on the acceptance of Impeachment was Sunday, April 16, 2016. That afternoon, the federal capital, Brasilia, received thousands of demonstrators for and against the impeachment. On the side of those who supported the President were field workers, farmers, indigenous people and the poorest part of the population who came from around the country just to manifest in favor of the government, against the impeachment, gathering in front of the National Congress.

A big screen was installed outside and it was possible to follow the vote of each of the deputies, who announced his hatred against the president, saying they were voting on behalf of the family and against communism.

Among the deputies, more than 70% are under investigation for acts of corruption. Against the President, nothing was found.

As the afternoon wore on, it was clear that the President would be taken out of power. The workers were stunned, bewildered, shaken. They could not even talk. A silence filled the air. Then came the indignation.

Revolt and silence was all that could be seen in the expression of those people.

On 12 May 2016 a new president took the Brazilian government. On the same day he closed the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Family Farming and ended up with different social policies.

Workers promise constant demonstrations in the streets. They claim that the impeachment is illegal, since there is no evidence against the President.