Project info

"I am reflected in each drop of rain, in each woman, in each man. I see my image in the crowd, through the transparent umbrellas that cut through the bright and evanescent streets of Tokyo. The rain envelops me, caresses me, hits me and cleans me..."

Kagami is an introspective journey that continues the path traced by Ashimoto series. Tokyo is the vital and geographical scenery. And in that place, that releases me of any preconceived idea, allowing a fresher look on me, I think over about the concept of identity.

The series composed of a mix of 30 photographs and 2 video-art pieces, acts as a mosaic of “mirrors”. Fragments of the city and its people, which reflect my thoughts, my doubts and my feelings. Fleeting encounters, complete moments, conscious and unconscious desires, dreamlike realities and real dreams. Images that I use to question my own identity, and think about its reality and variability.

“What is more real?: What we are living, what we are dreaming or what we think we have lived?". Who is more real?: The “self” who we are, the “self” who we like to be, or the “self” who we think we are?. This “self”, our “identity”, is immutable or changes depending the place and time in which we are?"