Stolen Moments - Privacy in public spaces
Project info

Inspired by american painter Edward Hopper this is an ongoing free project about privacy in public places and furtive moments of intimacy - when people are on their's own.
Pictures are taken with a *cheap* entry level digital camera -
most of the time even without looking through the viewfinder, so that
the photographed persons are not ware of the act of photography.
The manipulation / "watercolor effect" is part of the challenge as it is immediately applied in camera during the photographic act - without any possibility for the photographer to intervene - similar to the effect of wet plate collodions.
I'm photographing in the streets since 35 years. From the first bw - slow sync experiments with superwide angle following strangers
or the sx-70 polaroid work to the new series it was a logical evolution
as I like try out new things using the possibiliies of any camera.