Out Of Breath
Project info

Out of Breath is a serie started with souvenir of a precise moment of my childhood, the oldest souvenir I have; the day I felt alive, the day I realized I can die.
I started very early to questioning myself about my own identity. In the late 60'ties my parents immigrated to Belgium from Turkey, with my double nationality/identity, I was always asked to chose one of them. I still have this feeling to be in exile everywhere I go. Maybe more than the locations I'm living, the place where I will be buried will define who I am.

The text below is part of this photographic serie:
I was born Türk, assimilated on paper. I have one knee on each culture, the forehead on my faith.
I was born Belgian with dual identity. I am the lost descent.
I am the European, un-naturalised by my peers. I have the Earth as pavement.
I am the nasty face. I know where I come from.
I am the one who sees their threats coming. I know how to fight.
I am the father of two destinies. I wish my daughters inhaled the dry mountains.
I am the young boy with a few words. I am ready to get dressed with my white shroud.
I am a child of Anatolia. I can't leave my Brothers with an empty hole on my soil.
I am the guardian of my offshoots. I can't leave my angels with an empty hole on their soil.
I am the last one. I am the dead body, which ground will rot my flesh?