A Sunday in New Orleans: Prince of Wales Social Aid & Pleasure Club
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These photos tell the story of almost any Sunday afternoon in the streets of New Orleans. Social aid and pleasure clubs carry on a centuries-old tradition of parading throughout the city's neighborhoods. They're a celebration of life; of community and of culture. Founded in the post-emancipation south, these benevolent organizations existed to provide funeral and burial insurance to its members who were often denied these services because of the color of their skin. The parades were a means of promoting and recruiting new members. And while insurance is more readily available today, the organizations continue their benevolent works. Music is central to the celebration and many historians feel that the second-line likely gave birth to the art-form we know as jazz. The clubs gather to celebrate; to be seen and to honor the memory of members who have come and gone before them. Here, Prince of Wales celebrates its 88th year of parading by taking over the streets of New Orleans' 12th Ward.