Spectators and actors of the Venice beach Boardwalk
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Spectators and actors of the same scene. Cohen's song playing in the background. Homeless, guitars or piano players, skaters and surfers, aspiring eclectics, coffee drinkers, police and green doctors, magician and "why not" miraculous healers. For sure, street artists, such as vendors of any art, and, tattoos, tattoos, tattoos everywhere and every how. The tourists, and the sun, who cross the path with daily runners and daily walkers. Along the beach, sun-takers for all seasons, wi(fi)th or wi(fi)thout e-connection. Horses, snakes and dogs, a lot of dogs. All along a fabulous sandy beach of about 2 km.
No more words are needed to describe the Venice beach Boardwalk, better to watch it in images. During 2 months, I met new people everyday. You smile and enjoy them with the daily light, but after each amazing sunset you simply go home and think about this show, freak and alive. An all-year-long sun warms the day, but when the night comes, you just step aside, arrange your makeshift shelter, and prepare to sleep, alone.