Fish Discover Water Last
Project info

'Fish Discover Water Last' is about the rediscovery of your own habitat. Simone Peerdeman lives for 18 years in Zandvoort, a small coastal town in the Netherlands. As time passed by, she developed a blind spot for the beauty of her own residence. So much so, she even considered moving to another city. Due to problems in the housing market at that time, she decided to stay. This formed her motivation to reconnect with her environment, to discover new places and enter worlds unknown to her, close to home. She approached Zandvoort as if she visited it for the first time, as if she entered a foreign country, with new people and their habits.

For months she wandered around documenting people and objects she felt drawn to. People, that, in her opinion, reflect a path of choices made. Peerdeman loves being part of their lives for a brief moment, capturing their essence of being. And objects, as these are habitants without any form of layering, they just are. In this series, Peerdeman has documented a version of Zandvoort in which she feels at home. The book 'Fish Discover Water Last' will be released in Q2 2017.