Death without a hat
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My grandfather was buried with the hat. He could never leave the house without it - even if he just went to the nearest shop. He said that without the hat he felt undressed. So, even to his last journey, my grandfather went with the hat.
However, this story started years before. When my mother was a student one of her friends told her once: "My grandfather was wearing the same belt for many years, he never went out without it. The first day he had to leave the house without the belt was his funeral day: being in mourning, my mom completely forgot about the belt. But the grandfather didn't forget. Several days after the funeral he came to mom's dream and scolded her. Mom became really upset, but the grandfather sad she still could mend. He gave her an address, and the dream ended. The next day my mom found the right house on the outskirts of the city. It was a small house and, I think, you can imagine how surprised she was finding a deceased in there. She told her story and asked to put the belt into the coffin. No one minded, no one wanted to go against the will of the dead".
So, my grandfather was buried with the hat. And with the belt, just in case.