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HOLOCENE - Project Statement
Habitats are destroyed, pollution grows, the planet overheats, wildlife oblivion calls. Scientists say that we are about to enter The Anthropocene - human influenced geological epoch, also known as The Sixth Extinction.
I have known the land called Mara for a long period of time during which I have grown to love it and to feel for its wild animals. First, influenced by Cartier-Bresson and Avedon, I simply set down in photographs what I felt about the wildlife in its pristine habitat. Using a close, intimate point of view as well as a consistent format, I waited and waited for the key moments. Then I determined to frame my response as millennia telescoped into a visual series hoping to show life as it is and was.
Holocene is the current geological epoch that started 11,500 years ago. Well then, is this series, called Holocene, a reminder or a warning? An appreciation or resignation? Despair or inspiration?