As if they were memories
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Sometimes a memory is awakened when you register a familiar smell, visits a particular place or look at a picture - although you have never experienced exactly that smell, visited that place or lived the scene of the photograph you are watching.

People can have completely different memories from the exact same experience, and memories can change over time. It is as if the mind makes the good memories more glorious and sweet, or if it's bad, more wounding. We can please or torment ourselves with a stroll down memory lane.

I believe memory is a joker. We let ourselves be fooled by it. Can we fool the memory-joker back? Can something unknown represent our history, or is memory something that is locked to what you have actually experienced? Can you manipulate the way you remember your history by cheating your mind, creating your own memories? Can these images become anyone's memories?

Well, can they?

Among the few physical memories that remaines from my mothers childhood is a beautiful portrait of her mother - my grandmother, and a portrait of my young, smiling mum and her brother and sisters. Her father was an alcoholic, and he destroyed her toys. I guess this series is about the daughter wanting to "fix" her mothers memories, and to find out if it is possible to make the bad ones better.

There is a great distance in time from the time these images actually are taken, and from the time they are ment to represent. Therefore I have made this series with my iphone, where these to peroids of time crashes in a filter.