Project info

The idea of "Bloom" series came very accidental. I've been involved in multi exposure technique for a long time and did it with Nikon FM2 camera. I shoot one exposure and the following one was the second layer for M.E. So all in all I could control the process and keep on my mind what objects or plots I connected in one frame. But I always was interested in creativity - how everything works and what helps you to get the image basing on your relation to the process.

Once I took a very simple old soviet lomo camera and loaded a film. Basically there are two ways two create M.E. on 35mm film - with a special mode or lever your camera may have or just loading and shooting one film roll twice. With lomo I used the last method because it had no M.E. mode. Working like this was different from what I used to with Nikon - I couldn't control and remember all my shots because I had to shoot the whole roll at first and then do the same again. It was impossible to remember what did you shoot on each frame (for sure you can write it down or draw but sometimes shots happen so fast that you just can not remember them all) - so I had no idea about the combinations I would get in a result. It was interesting experiment to see what I can get accidental. It was a "no rush" process, took me several month to finish exposing one roll twice and after developing I was really surprised - some combinations were really interesting and very accurate - like there were no chance for them to exist in any other variation, like the best combinations met each other. And for sure it was funny because it looked like I did nothing for this except choosing an interesting plot and capturing it the way I wanted. Three or four photographs from that film really impressed me - not only because the combinations were good but the whole picture was completely new - out of the surface and so far away from the real objects I was shooting.

Also I used film soaking - to increase the "surreal" effect. That technique is also very spontaneous - you soak your film in whatever you can get - lemon juice, washing powder, wine and etc. What you'll get in a result - also always a mystery. I prefer to mix ingredients and never try to remember the receipt. It's the part of experiment.

My way to create BLOOM was kind of unprofessional - I relied on some forces I can not describe. I couldn't even imagine the result - not even close. It was like a game. Sometimes the whole film could be destroyed by soaking method but one image was great and all those damages just added something special to the picture. The battle is worse the blood. The process of unknowing in a result is tricky - sometimes I win but sometimes don't. I can spend a lot of time shooting a roll and then get nothing in a result. But you never now if you won't try and I prefer to be risky - this is one of the ways to create something unusual or to find something new.

But besides some technical moments, Bloom if about colors and forms, about subtle matters around us. This series mostly about feelings. I do believe that we "see" only the tiniest part of the whole world around - we are not taught to see "deeper" through the objects, people, circumstances. Even smallest details around have their own "special" meaning. We percept things that lay on the surface mostly. In "Bloom" I capture the reality and transform it into something unexpected (even for me).
All the unseen forces - vibrations or energies effect on us and our life. And I think this is truly important learning to feel it if we want to be a part of the world.