Project info

Paris Photo 2016, Aperture Corner.

- Should I write your name? ... No thank you it is OK without it. However I would be happy if you could write some thoughts about street photography.

He looks at me, amused about it. Then he looked at the people queuing behind me and in a very Yankee manner makes a time out gesture.
- It is going to be my little moment of philosophy then? Thanks.
Then he starts writing something that looks like an abbreviation, GASP and all of sudden sits up straight.
- The French don't have any equivalent for it. Gasp it is that.
He takes a breath. His eyes wide open are simulating a moment of surprise in a theatrical way. He puts his pen on the table. Then he looks at me happily before giving me back my photobook.
Then he thanks me for this "petit moment de philosophie".