New Italian Diaspora
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A new Italian Diaspora is going on in these years in Europe. A big deal of young Italians are moving to the UK, more specifically to London. Historically, from the mid 19th Century, the UK has been one of the favourites destinations for the Italian immigrants, what is changed today is the profile of these people.
If in the past the biggest amount of those who left were from low social classes and with poor educational level today most
of them are graduated, with a high qual- ification and quite skillful. According to the study “Rapporto Italiani nel Mondo” carried out by the“Fondazione Migrantes” “in July 2012, people in UK who speak Italian as first language are 201.705, about 4,8% of the whole Italian emigration in
the world”, however these data are partial due to a big deal of people move without official registration.
The first reason is due to the economic cri- sis. Indeed, along with Greece and Spain, Italy is going through a period of recession started in 2007, before the Lehman Broth- ers crack. On the other hand, according to a McKinsey’s survey Italian labour mar- ket do not request as many high profile professionals as the Universities produce. in 2012 about 260000 graduates were looking for a job and only 186000 were employed.