The Punk of Burma
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Living as a punk in Burma is not only a lifestyle or just a copy of Western trends, it is an act of rebellion. Kyaw Kyaw, 26, has decided to become a punk to protest against the political and economical situation in his country.

„In Burma I only have freedom of mind“, says Kyaw Kyaw. „The new government is mostly made up of members of the former military junta. The change to democracy is just a change in words not a real change.“ Kyaw Kyaw is the lead singer of the band Rebel Riot, he founded in 2007. He is attracted to punk music, because he likes the disrespectful words of the songs and because the music offers him a way to tackle the problems in Burmese society. In his songs he speaks also against the Buddhist monks making violence against Muslims while others in Burma are silent. Kyaw Kyaw does not believe in any religion because of the rules. He enjoys meditation even though he is not a buddhist.

Every monday evening Kyaw Kyaw and his punk friends arrange „Food not Bombs“. They go together through Yangon to hand out food donations to homeless people. "We don't need war. We need food and Human Rights. I can't change the world or Burma, but I can at least influence the people around me“, he says. „The people have two eyes, but they use only one.“