Project info

My series shows the different side of life in South Africa using portraits and landscapes. My portraits are frontal taken at eye level,looking directly and ahead, the face cast in shadow showing a strong and determined expression.The portraits are evident that the person is the subject of interest reflecting the face of the person using no background to provide context or embellishment. Besides the portraits, landscapes also form part of my series: houses and cottages shown as a shell and then expanded to reflect the vast expanses of the Cape Town and Johannesburg landscapes. What connects the photographs is the impressive natural light of South Africa. It testifies to an immediacy, an instantaneous and honest encounter that places the object at the center.
“A lot of my work seems to explore the relationship between spaces and humans. This series of photos will often explore the subject within the space and the space as the subject itself. I think I manage to capture some of the personality that these spaces hold in contrast with that of the actual person. Though they may seem empty they are truly full.. full of personality and history.
My work turns always around human beings. I try to show my counterpart without any artistic falsification the way the really are. My tool, the camera, is always discrete, never obtrusive, truly honest. I only take pictures when the people agree..”