Project info

My series in Tbilisi took me half a year.
I started to search for DOSOLIATED life, and I usually photograph people . For example inside a bath house, where I made some portraits of the workers in front of their changing room in a static pose. Before I took the photo, I built a relationship with the workers of the bathhouse.
I also went to the tropical institute and photographed the waiting room, where people sit and wait. I also took pictures of workers of the tropical institute, as well as the interior design of the ex Soviet Union.
My other portraits are in a shelter for men and women. I photographed the men between the room in a static pose, as well as – again- the inner architecture of the ex Soviet Union. my work seems to explore the relationship between spaces and humans. This series of photos will often explore the subject within the space and the space as the subject itself. I think I manage to capture some of the personality that these spaces hold in contrast with that of the actual person. Though they may seem empty they are truly full.. full of personality and history.