Project info

In 2014 I was invited to participate in Adobe System’s Random Acts of Creativity as one of a few selected artists to create a site-specific temporary installation. All the 3500 photographs were shot specifically for this project in my studio over an intense month-long schedule. I worked with a collection of materials that I keep on hand — architectural glass, old machine parts, colored plastic, broken toys. The categories and intersections keep growing.

The final project, using over 2500 photographs pinned to thirty individual boards, was assembled and installed over six days at the Adobe Headquarters in San Jose, California. Everything was chosen and organized and created on site. I was hoping to create a sensation that felt like the sober architecture was put through a fantastic kaleidoscope, and judging by the enthusiastic reaction, I succeeded.

I have always been drawn to the physical qualities of the photograph as a document and artifact. For this project I was invited to work at an enormous scale within an outdoor, public space. By walking along the building’s photo-covered colonnade, the viewer is invited to experience the directness of the abstract photo prints.

One cannot see all fifteen columns in a single glance since they bend around the facade, and so the journey reveals its delights slowly, inviting pedestrians to look up from their phones and inspect the details. Although the installation was only up for six days in June, I used my photographic record to begin my ongoing photo construction series.